Is aging coming to an end?

The dream of eternal life is the great yearning of mankind since ancient times, where it has always sought to delay aging. A genius in genetics, who works at Harvard, has pointed out that we can live more than 120 years. To make this possible we need some vitamin supplements and a change in lifestyle. Everything points to the fact that the man of the 22nd century will know many descendants.

David Sinclair is the scientist who claims that “old age is a disease” and, therefore, can be cured. To such an extent does he believe this, that he has asserted that the babies of this decade will be in the early years of the next century. The geneticist, in a note published by specialized technology media, pointed out that the unborn generations will have many years ahead of them.

The human race has not yet reached the understanding necessary to stop the aging process. However, it is progressing faster than expected at this point. But more and more biologists understand that aging can be stopped. The first point would be related to medications, supplements, diets and exercises. That would be the starting point for adulthood to be a treatable problem, a disease. This means, Sinclair understands, that he himself may come to read his articles at the dawn of the 22nd century.

Leaving aging behind

How feasible is it to reach the 125th birthday celebration. Years ago, the thought of a 2019 with people enjoying good health at an advanced age seemed absurd. Only in the Bible do people with true longevity appear at the beginning of time. Different diseases are treated by specialists, threatening a life of many years. Some, with good genetics, accompanied by diet and good pockets, can reach 90 years of age in good shape. Few are the lucky ones who will be able to appear in the media as smiling as they celebrate their 100th anniversary of life.

Those who, today, can pass 110 years of age are beginning to become myths. In 2019, the world’s oldest person was Kane Tanaka from Japan when he reached 116 years old and ended up passing away in April this year. She became the second longest-lived person in history, after Jeanne Calment, who died at the age of 122 in 1997. Of course, this story was surrounded by myths and doubts, when a gerontologist pointed out that Calment’s daughter had taken her place to achieve this record.

Eternal life or not so eternal

Sinclair, who is 50 years old but looks 30, hopes to make it to 2100 alive. This implies that he would be about 132 years old. The biologist posited that:

“At the beginning of the next century, a person who is 122 years old on the day of his death can be said to have lived a full, though not particularly long, life.”

During the 21st century, several gurus have appeared with the intention of defeating aging. The advance of biotechnology has added its “grain” of sand. This is where regenerative medicine emerges, with new products that hope to extend the life expectancy of the human race.