Instagram notes, now with music

An interesting update for Instagram notes adds two new features. This tool of the popular social network was incorporated at the beginning of 2023 and is being increasingly used by young people. One of the new functions is the possibility of showing what music is being listened to, a novelty that reminds us of the old MSN Messenger, one of the legendary applications of the Internet.

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The function of showing what music the user is listening to has also been incorporated into Be Real, another social network that is making waves. However, unlike Be Real, the Spotify account cannot be linked, but the song must be added manually.

In addition to this feature, a translator for notes will also be incorporated, similar to what is shown in publications. For those who need to translate, simply follow a few steps to view the notes in the social network’s language of operation.

What are the new Instagram notes features?

Everything seems to indicate that Instagram notes are going to incorporate more and more functions. This Instagram tool allows you to share texts in the form of statuses with your account followers. Notes appear in the inbox of messages and have a maximum of 60 characters.

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At its launch, only short texts could be written and emojis could be added. It is now possible to share a 30-second fragment of a song with a short text entry that can be used as a dedication.

This functionality is very simple to use. Just click on the + sign located above the profile picture on the message page. There you have to select the musical note that appears, which will open a menu similar to the one that appears to choose songs in posts or stories. The procedure is similar, you have to choose the desired clip, then add the text and click ok to publish.nostalgic people will surely remember how they used to publish their favorite song in MSN Messenger.

This new feature is now available, but not for everyone. Gradually, registered users from all countries will be added.

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The other new feature brought by the Instagram update is the possibility of translating notes created in a language other than the one being used. To do this, just click on the note to be translated and then select the option View translation. For example, if someone has Instagram set to Spanish and someone uploads a note in English, using this feature they will be able to see the text in Spanish language.

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Another new feature of Instagram is the development of a version of Twitter. The new project is still being developed under the internal name Project 92. Meta aims to compete with Elon Musk’s Twitter, offering a very similar interface. It would be a separate app from Instagram, but it’s going to use the accounts to register and log in.

The leaked image of this new application shows that it is very similar to Twitter and what Meta is looking for is to offer a reliable and secure platform for creators. This is sure to appeal to a number of people, especially after the changes that have been implemented in Musk’s social network and which has generated a lot of discontent.

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