Instagram Stories users reported failures

Days ago, many users began to give announcements of failures in the publication of Instagram Stories. These stories have been repeating themselves and do not allow for the normal development of Doom’s displacement.

The app usually has a red or green circle, which tells you about those people you follow, who have uploaded a new post to their Instagram Stories. The present bug in the social network, as a first step, does not report the most recent Stories additions. Rather, the glitch has shown only, as a loop, those stories posted in the last 24 hours prior to the glitch.

Instagram Stories facing problems

Some users have made their disclaimer on Reddit. Mainly because they have detailed that this anomalous situation has been occurring for a period of 72 hours this week. On this site different Instagram users have been raising the problem with the Stories and for many it has been a surprise all the time that the failure has been lingering.

Instagram has been slow to respond to the various requests for comments made by some media outlets, however, other sites responded promptly. Such was the case with The Verge, the company confessed to being “aware that some people are having trouble accessing Instagram Stories.” The social network’s communication went on to detail that it was “working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

Finally, a first solution for those users who still have the problem is to update the application to version 239.1, the most recent version offered by the social network.