Hacktivist site promotes prank phone calls to Russian officials

As part of the protest against the invasion of Ukraine, a hacktivist site has been promoting calls to Russian officials. Under the name WasteRussianTime.today, the platform makes the connection and there allows this contact to be made. For many, automated phone calls are a modern scourge that generates a nuisance that has not been eradicated.

Hacktivist site promotes prank phone calls to Russian officialsThe situation promoted by hacktivists, aims to be a “small blow” to Russia for its decision to invade Ukraine. The promotion of this website, designed to combine prank calls and robocalls, is supported by international hackers. Once on the site, a small click will allow us to scroll through an extensive list of telephone contacts that are linked to the government, the military and Russian intelligence.

Jokes on Russian officials

Once inside the site, contact with officials is random. In addition, anyone who visits the site can hear everything that is said by whoever initiated the call. One of the creators of the platform, who introduces himself as Shera, has pointed out that “we expect confusion” and are annoyed by these calls.

Behind this initiative are artists, activists and coders who help with the site. The big idea is to upset Moscow and St. Petersburg. The situation only confirms some situations of international concern. Here we highlight the leaked information, the use of bot, the misuse of public data information. The creators of the site speak of a database of more than five thousand telephone numbers belonging to the Russian government.