Facebook does not know what it does with its users’ data

A leaked document raised the issue of what Facebook does with our data. The social network’s engineers have argued that they do not have the appropriate level of control. In addition, they do not know how personal data is used and how the system handles it.

Facebook doesn't know what to do with the data it counts or where it goesThe leaked text posits that there was a construction of an open borders system. The big question of the document is how the information is organized, how it flows within the system. At this point a trilogy was made between third party data (3PD), first party data (1PD) and confidential category data (SCD).

Facebook and doubts about personal data

The social network’s privacy engineers put this document together last year. In another fragment of the same, the approach of trust is made to all the policy changes proposed. Regulation of users is a problem for Meta’s workers.

The work has as its mission the establishment of “meaningful connections between people and companies”. It was also emphasized that “it is at the core of our monetization strategy and is the engine that drives Facebook.”

The team of engineers who raised these issues are the ones who create the social network’s extensive ad system. Facebook handles user data without much control. In addition, specialists believe that there are problems with the different regulations in Europe, the United States and other countries.