Whatsapp tricks and curiosities that will save you from the most uncomfortable and unexpected moments.

Although today Whatsapp has become a true friend and ally, on more than one occasion this unique app has made us the protagonists of situations we would like to forget. Sending the wrong photo, problems with autocorrect, and voice memos never recorded, among others. The various Whatsapp curiosities exist for the purpose of avoiding these embarrassing inconveniences.

Each of these are in themselves functionalities that have existed for a considerable time, but which, for reasons of our exaggerated daily rhythm, we do not stop to examine. This is the reason why in this article, we will explain in a brief and concise way, all those tricks to avoid that these inconveniences keep happening to you.

Tricks for fictitious locations and reading messages offline: One of the most important curiosities of Whatsapp.

Statistically, it is known that most of the current couple’s arguments originate all for the same reason: Being connected during important hours without being able to answer each other’s messages. A situation that can in itself lead to many personal problems. The first countermeasure to this point is the activation of the option known as “pop-up notifications”. A modality that in itself will allow the reading of the same, without leaving a record of our activity.

In the same way, it is perfectly normal that most users want to spend discreetly, important moments of our day, so it is not favorable to share our geographical position. To counteract these effects, it is always possible to attach an alternative location from the “share location” menu.

All about deleted messages: How can they be recovered?

Since multiple users were confronted for the first time with the uncomfortable cases of erroneous messages sent, an option to get rid of them was immediately merited, so the arrival of this countermeasure was for many a great relief. The formula for retrieving such information has therefore become one of the most important, Whatsapp curiosities that every user should know.

Recently incorporated, the new Notification History app will allow each reader to retrieve written information that another contact has recently deleted, all through a simple and efficient process. It is also possible to listen to voice memos before they are sent, which will allow us to correct possible errors in our communication. This is a recent addition in which you can review the message in detail or save it.

In which ways is it possible to know if one of your contacts has deleted you?

For various reasons, it is common to want to delete that friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker who has caused us problems lately, so deleting their contact is not inconvenient. When the situation is the other way around, there are multiple ways to discreetly find out if we have been deleted from someone’s list.

The first of them will be to check the check, in which case only one of them will appear when sending messages to your chat. The visibility that we may have of their profile picture is also another clear example, since not being able to see it in our contact list is evidence that we have been inevitably deleted.

Final Notes: Other important curiosities that Whatsapp has to offer.

Despite being only a decade old, it is clear that Whatsapp is in itself an emerging world of possibilities that are trying to improve its services on a daily basis. Proof of this is the zero amount of spending the company has had on advertising since its emergence, surpassing even Facebook in terms of marketing and penetration.

In this way it is notorious to be able to consider the enormous international impact of the North American entrepreneurs Jan Koum and Brian Acton, responsible for the origin, anatomy and even the curiosities of Whatsapp, which they have been able to obtain. His latest endeavor is evidence of how insistence can have remarkable effects, all from the implementation of empirical knowledge that one may possess from experience.

Image courtesy of W Casique (lideres.co) all rights reserved.

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