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Bill Gates makes his first predictions for the year 2024

Bill Gates realiza sus primeras predicciones sobre el año 2024

Now that 2024 is “just around the corner,” Bill Gates has taken the opportunity to talk about his own predictions for the year 2024 and what will happen with artificial intelligence. According to his views, the pace of AI growth will accelerate in the coming months, especially in fields having to do with nuclear energy and medicine.

Bill Gates predicts what could happen at the technology level in 2024

In addition to his early predictions about the year 2024, he has opined that the world is not yet prepared for an upcoming pandemic, something that has drawn attention, since in 2015 he warned that one would come, just years before Covid-19 became real.

According to Bill Gates, “Artificial intelligence is about to accelerate new discoveries at a pace we’ve never seen before.” He has commented that what we have seen so far is nothing more than a stepping stone to what is to come, assuring that AI has already laid a foundation on which to begin to take off. In fact, we have already been able to see what kind of jobs AI can do, in which it has excelled and in which it has been able to realize an excellent symbiosis of cooperation between technology and human beings, making it possible for us to glimpse a much different future for us.

These are Bill Gates’ predictions for the year 2024

Bill Gates has already commented that we are currently in the “transition stage”. In the entrepreneur’s own words: “New developments will coexist with old habits”. After this reflection, he took the opportunity to make a very personal confession in which he said that he himself was moved by AI when he wanted to use it to summarize documents from his foundation. However, Bill Gates said that, in the end, he ended up going through each sheet himself, one by one. According to him, everything will move much faster for next year.

The implementation of AI, at the level of daily use, according to the calculations he has made, could come in less than two years in the United States, delaying up to 3 in Africa. He mentioned that one of the main problems we are facing is the abstract reasoning capacity of AI, something that could be solved in two years.

Bill Gates also talks about the possibility of a more equitable AI in 2024

For this to happen, according to Gates, “smart investments” have to be made. If AI were to become more equitable, it would attract a great benefit: that of getting exclusive information from the rich world to the poor world in less time, eliminating the technological barrier between them.

However, in addition to these important AI advances, which he believes will be of such relevance in the new year, he has also emphasized the need for policymakers to prioritize preparation for a possible next pandemic: “before it’s too late.” Gates, in his predictions for the year 2024, has also mentioned the importance of nuclear energy research. According to him, it is likely that this type of energy will be needed in the future in order to “meet the world’s growing energy needs and at the same time eliminate carbon emissions”.