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Artificial Intelligence will replace 40% of jobs by 2035

You may have read all sorts of predictions about what lies ahead in about 15 years and how Artificial Intelligence will affect many people who will be displaced from their jobs. Kai-Fu Lee, one of the most important voices and pioneer of this technology, states that the outlook is not very encouraging: by 2035, 40% of the world’s jobs will be performed by some AI-based system.

For this reason, you should know that Lee developed the first voice recognition system. In addition, he was president of Google China and worked for Microsoft, so his views on the future of a society in which artificial intelligence will predominate cannot go unnoticed.

In an interview, Lee commented that:

“I think artificial intelligence is going to change the world more than anything in human history, even more than electricity. It will increasingly replace repetitive jobs, chauffeurs or anyone who drives a car for a living. You will see how some jobs will be eliminated in 10 to 15 years, this will displace 40% of the world’s jobs.”

Harnessing artificial intelligence to drive education, that’s the key

Although, according to Lee, there is not a good outlook concerning the relationship of artificial intelligence to jobs in the future. The pioneer of this technology claims that the biggest changes will be seen in education, thanks to new AI systems in remote classrooms.

This will make it possible to improve the education of those students who are far from the big cities. Therefore, it will be possible to detect those students who have talent and thus be able to foster growth in their skill areas.

And how will it work? According to Lee, who is based in Beijing, China, where he is investing in this. The AI will measure students’ interest and intelligence for each subject, so the “geniuses of the world” can be identified.

Through a platform with a profile, data and details of each student, their education is tracked. There, their areas of greatest interest will be detected and the teacher will be able to learn about each particular case, in order to finally know how he/she can help each student.

According to Lee, we must bet on education because it is the future. Today’s young people will face that working life in which 40% of jobs have disappeared, therefore, he assures that:

“The goal is to anticipate these changes and prepare the new generations, because unlike previous ‘revolutions’, this one will come faster and its impact will be larger and on a larger scale.”

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