Predictions from Zuckerberg, Bezos and Gates on the future of the world in 2030.

We see certain futuristic technologies and advances that are already part of our daily lives and we think: Wow, the future is already here! But the truth is that there are many more things to come, some of which you may not even be able to imagine, but you don’t have to go very far or have a crystal ball to know what it will be like. the future of the world in 2030Zuckerberg, Bezos and Gates tell us what the future holds for technology.It was not only science fiction that predicted the arrival of e-commerce, smartphones, virtual reality or social networks. Some leaders of the 2.0 world, such as Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, or Bill Gates of Microsoft, even stated almost two decades ago that we would always carry a computer with us wherever we went or that we simply could not live without visiting one of the well-known www domains on a daily basis.

Taking into account these predictions, which are absurd in principle, and which today are realities, it is important to ask ourselves what executives who work and are a few steps ahead of the rest of the people are predicting.

Here are some predictions you might not have imagined about the future of the world in 2030

On vacation Without traveling?

“You won’t need planes, boats or trains, the only thing you’ll require to go on a trip to a paradisiacal place will be a virtual reality viewer.”

According to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, this technology will revolutionize the world and will be ideal to know virtually any destination. However, he believes that virtual reality will be a complement and not a substitute for the longed-for vacation and that of course when its use becomes widespread it will boost the industry.

Jobs in other galaxies in the future of the world in 2030

“It won’t be long before we start sending out resumes outside of our ‘terrestrial comfort zone.'”

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon says that citizen travel to space and the colonization of other planets could be the next milestones to be conquered by humanity and, of course, one thing always leads to another: the creation of more jobs. This is what the founding executive of Blue Origin predicts about the future of the world in 2030 and whose company competes with Space X in the creation of aircraft that will travel outside the stratosphere.

Technology that predicts our thoughts

All the smart devices around us will be much smarter every day, so they will manage to know what we want even before we know it. Bill Gates, predicted some 13 years ago that technological innovation would mean that we would no longer have to ask questions to get the answers we wanted.

For his part, Satya Nadella, current CEO of Microsoft, says that the objects we use on a daily basis are gradually being supplanted. Remembering the last time we resorted to a dictionary or a calculator seems a long way off, so it augured well for something incredible:

“The next to disappear will be pens, they will become obsolete in the face of apps that allow us to write texts (even scribble them on a virtual sheet of paper) or those that allow us to record voice memos.”

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