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Are we looking at the most advanced humanoid?

Łukasz Koźlik, co-founder of Clone Incorporated, has been working since 2014 on the most advanced humanoid the world may have ever seen. This Polish engineer focused on perfecting the starting arm. It works with artificial muscles based on a 1957 prototype.


The design has seen impressive improvements over the years. Currently, it has the ability to lift weights, as well as perform some realistic thumb movements. Another amazing breakthrough is to have achieved cooperation from the wrist to the forearm. What is most surprising is to achieve this accomplishment by working with a design that was based on 1950s pneumatic technology.

Near-realistic humanoid

In the style of the movie “I, Robot“, the engineer has been working to achieve the greatest possible perfection. The arm, which is the centerpiece of Łukasz Koźlik’s work, is typical of Blade Runner or the Westworld series. After seven years dedicated to this dream, the humanoid manages to lift up to 7 kilograms.

Łukasz Koźlik’s intention is to obtain a robot that is as human as possible. For this purpose, a complex system has been developed from the McKibben muscles. These are pneumatic actuators that use air for operation. The use of them is part of an easy fabrication with a lot of similarity to biological muscles.

The modification made by the Polish engineer allows the bodybuilding to function smoothly and electrically. Koźlik also personally programmed the complex code needed to control the movement of the entire artificial muscle system.