Apple Vision Pro: what are the requirements for users who want to buy them?

Although the launch for the purchase of the Apple Vision Pro will be in 2024, the sales processes that will be carried out are already being known. As this is a very complex product, the purchasing experience will have special logistics.

The Apple Vision Pro was presented at the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) more than a month ago and it was a revolution. This is a very innovative virtual reality helmet. Its most special feature is that it allows combining the virtual and the real world, since the user can continue to look outside while viewing the virtual elements of the helmet.

What will be the process for purchasing the Apple Vision Pro?

As reported by Blomberg via Mark Gurman, it seems that it won’t be very easy to acquire Apple’s virtual reality glasses. First of all, the launch will be progressive, as it will be available in some U.S. cities such as Los Angeles and New York. In addition to that, there will be selected Apple stores for the purchase of the Vision Pro. As time goes by, new cities and stores will be added and it is expected to be available worldwide by the end of 2024.

Specialized staff will be available at Apple stores to exclusively serve those interested in purchasing the VR case. This is why the launch will be by appointment only. These employees will receive special training to help customers make adjustments and use the product. There will be a special place to carry out the demonstrations, which is why an appointment is required for those who wish to purchase the Apple Vision Pro.

The use of this helmet must be individually adapted to each person, which makes it necessary to scan the head to ensure that the head fit is correct. It is important to remember that light must not enter at the time of use, so it is essential that the fit is perfect. The eyesight of the interested party should also be analyzed in case a special lens is needed for a better experience.

Personalized service is also used to teach customers how to use the helmet to get the most out of this product.

New accessories and a more economical product?

Everything seems to indicate that the model presented at WWDC will undergo some modifications. Apple is reportedly developing a second strap to improve the fit of the helmet to the user’s head and to compensate for the weight of the helmet. In addition to this, a shoulder strap accessory to place the battery there is also being analyzed. It should be remembered that these lenses can be used either plugged in or on battery power, which can be placed in the user’s pocket.

In addition to this, there are rumors about a more economical helmet that is the one that could be mass marketed. It should be remembered that the price of the Apple Vision Pro is $3500, which is quite high for the average user.

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