ChatGPT with Bing for iOS: what is the feature and why was it temporarily disabled?

The latest update of the ChatGPT app with Bing is now enabled for its iOS version. Bing integration functionality is available for paid users to access web information from Microsoft’s platform.

This functionality will expand the information provided by ChatGPT as previous versions only showed data up to the year 2021. With the integration with Bing, up-to-date information can be obtained.

Following a multi-million dollar investment in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, Microsoft announced earlier this year that Bing would be the search engine for the tool. At the end of June the update was released in its beta version for users who pay the ChatGPT Plus subscription.

However, after a few days of operation, on July 3, it was decided to deactivate the function, at least temporarily. As reported by OpenAI, the tool has had difficulty displaying content.

What is the new ChatGPT functionality about?

It should be noted that this is a feature that is still in beta and only for users who pay the $20 per month fee to access ChatGPT Plus.

This fee allows unlimited access to the chatbot and provides access to new tools on a priority basis.

With the ChatGPT functionality in Bing, the artificial intelligence will browse the web when it deems necessary to answer users’ questions. It will certainly do so when inquiring about recent events and news, for which it is necessary to consult the Bing search engine. This allows us to obtain current and more relevant results on user queries. Previously the answers provided were based solely on AI training data.

This new functionality must be activated manually. To do this, users must enter the Configuration area on their device. The Navigation option must then be enabled in the New Functions menu. Then choose GPT-4 in the model selection and then select Browse with Bing.


Why was the functionality disabled in Bing ChatGPT?

A few days ago it was announced that the new ChatGPT feature in Bing was temporarily disabled. As reported by OpenAI, the decision was made because it displayed content in a manner that did not meet quality standards. One of the most frequent errors occurred when the text of a URL was requested in full. The tool in Bing’s ChatGPT complied with this query, even if it had to display paid content for subscribers only. This behavior goes against OpenAI’s company policies on copyright and the way content is presented.

It has not yet been specified when the tool in Bing’s ChatGPT will be available or what kind of modifications will be made to the tool to avoid the errors that were occurring. There is also no information on when the final version will be released, as it should be remembered that this is a beta functionality.

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