A virtual reality set that recognizes your face, Apple’s next big thing

In March, the Apple giant filed a patent confirming that they are betting on virtual and augmented reality technologies, also known as immersive technologies. He demonstrated this with the filing of a patent for a device with sensors capable of recognizing the user’s face.

And yes, although the patent was filed several months ago, it was only today that the document was released. That document, moreover, is accompanied by several mixed reality patents that could take their extensive efforts from mobile to glasses. There where Animojis and FaceID will be able to be integrated.

This is all we know so far about the virtual reality set, are you interested?

So that you understand much better what we are talking about. This is what the patent describes about the virtual reality set they plan to bring to market:

“It is a mixed reality system that includes a head-mounted display. that provides virtual 3D views of a user’s environment, augmented with virtual content.”

What Apple intends with this virtual reality set is that the screen is placed over the head, that is, what is known as headset or VR glasses.

In addition, it will have a battery of cameras and sensors in charge of collecting all the information about the user’s environment, we are talking about aspects such as depth and lighting. But they will also collect user data (eye movements, hand movements and facial expressions).

According to the patent description, the virtual reality set integrates these sensors and collects the aforementioned information in order to obtain 3D content visualization. Thus, as is the case with other brands, the set could have position sensors for the hands and cameras that capture the lighting conditions of the environment.

On the other hand, specialized media such as The Verge and Cnet, report that in order to be able to “read” expressions, the device could include eyebrow and lower jaw sensors that would allow tracking the movement of the mouth.

Finally, this patent is an indication of the competition that every day begins to take much more strength in the field of virtual reality. Let’s remember that Apple is not alone, as companies like Facebook and Microsoft have their own developments, the Oculus and HoloLens.

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