A smartwatch that never charges? This is the new Matrix PowerWatch 2

For lovers of the outdoors and technology, the company Matrix Industries has presented in early January this year at CES in Las Vegas, the Matrix PowerWatch 2 smartwatch. Much more efficient than its predecessor, the Matrix PowerWatch, this device promises (and delivers) that it will never need to be charged, as it draws its energy from body heat and solar cells.

This combination of a thermoelectric cell that is activated by body heat, together with the solar cells that are placed on the edge of the sphere are the ones that allow the device to always stay on: goodbye to the charger.

Another functionality that will delight sports fans, is that this smartwatch is water resistant: it can be submerged up to 200 meters under water: it is possible that it should never be subjected to such depths, but either way it is a relief to know that water does not affect it.


The first and main advantage of this smartwatch is that it is specially designed for use by people who want to get rid of chargers.

For example, athletes who love the outdoors and find the presence of a charger at least a nuisance, but still want the benefits of technology.

When does the Matrix PowerWatch 2 need to be charged? Well… never. Since the appearance of the first smartwatches, one of the main disadvantages frequently pointed out by their users has been the low autonomy of these devices.

What does it offer?

This smartwatch has a full color LCD screen, compass, GPS and a monitor to track the user’s heart rate.

Another improvement is that users can view their runs or runs on a map or set exercise intervals, all through the mobile app.

It also has an aluminum housing with a hardened glass face and back for added strength.

Although it cannot make calls or download third-party applications, the company has recalled in the presentation of the device, which aims precisely to be useful to those who love the outdoors.

Creates expectations

Although some might consider it a defect or shortcoming that you cannot make calls through the device, or other functions that are supposed to be typical of a smartwatch, the truth is that it is an innovative product that comes to cover a specific objective.

In fact, the company submitted the watch through an IndieGogo campaign and within a few hours raised the amount it needed to raise.

It is already estimated that the smartwatch will be on sale by the middle of this year for a price of $500. If the user is very interested in getting it, the company gives the option to reserve it now for $200.


2012 is the year of the birth of smartwatches. The first of these was the Pebble Original, which is considered the pioneer of smartwatches or smartwatches. .

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