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Dual screen, 3D display and specialties for gamers: these are the cell phones for 2019

A cell phone with a double screen, each with different characteristics that make them suitable for using different applications, a smartphone in which 3D technology can be enjoyed without using traditional glasses and phones with functionalities specially designed for the demands of “gamers”, are some of the novelties that will be seen this year.

The mobile devices were presented at the CES show, which was held in Las Vegas in early January. This fair is the perfect showcase that becomes the focus of attraction for the technological product innovations to come.

Two screens

The company Hisense showed in its exhibition the A6 model. Although like its predecessor, the A2, it has two screens, these have certain peculiarities.

The main screen of this device is six inches and its resolution is HD. On the other hand, the other screen is a bit smaller, 5.6 inches, but e-ink. The advantage is that this type of screen protects the eyes because it does not generate reflections and consumes less battery power.

Another company that presented a dual-screen cell phone was Nubia. In this case, it is the X model: it also has two displays, one LED and the secondary OLED display, measuring 6.3 and 5.1 inches respectively.

It has a dual camera and to activate the desired screen just press the sensors on the side of the phone.

Special for gamers

Announcing its arrival in Europe at a cost of €399, comes the Nubia Red Magic Mars. the most remarkable feature it has is a hybrid cooling system that allows the reduction of the temperature to preserve the equipment.

A detail that will delight gaming fans is that it has a button that serves to enter the Nubia center.

It has a fast charging battery and internal storage of .64, 128 and 256 GB and 6 GB of RAM. The screen is LCD with Full HD resolution and 16 and 8 MP cameras.

In 3D

The Rokit IO 3D model, presented by the startup Rokit, has the peculiarity of having 3D screens: this allows you to use and enjoy a three-dimensional vision without having to wear 3D glasses.

The same startup, founded by entrepreneur John Paul DeJoria, also presented other models at the fair at very affordable prices.

Android Go

Alcatel presented the 1X and 1C devices: their prices are accessible and they are considered basic devices. They have a 5-inch screen and a resolution of 480 x 960 pixels.

Their prices are considered modest: the 1X will cost about 70 euros, while the 1C will be sold at 120 euros. The latter has an Instant Collage mode that will delight editing enthusiasts: it allows you to edit images.

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