Speed, AI and machine learning: this is what Xiaomi brings to MIUI 11

The Asian giant Xiaomi has already announced that they are working to develop MIUI 11: although they have not given too many details, preserving the mystery and creating intrigue among users, they have assured that the focus of the smartphone will be on optimizing the performance of the equipment and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Xiaomi’s head of product planning, Liu Ming, revealed at the annual MIUI Core Experience meeting that the company is embarking on the design and planning of this new device, which they presume will be launched by the third quarter of this year.

New and unique” operating system

Xiaomi has assured that the device will have “a new and unique operating system”. During the presentation, they also indicated that they will focus their efforts on ensuring that the user experience is optimal.

While they didn’t detail too much, they did indicate that MIUI 11 will feature much more humanized features. AI will also play a prominent role in the team and, of course, machine learning. These elements are the ones that will make all phone processes more efficient.

Another detail is that smartphone experts presume that MIUI 11 will be based on Android 9.0 Pie.

Faster, smarter

Another advancement that MIUI 11 will feature is that it will be much faster than its predecessor, MIUI 10. In addition to speed, the equipment will be even “smarter”. This will be because the functions it will possess will simulate human interaction in one way or another.

And ultimately, that’s what users expect from their high-end smartphones: devices that take the experience to another level.


The Asian technology giant introduced MIUI 10 just last year. It has unique features that delight its users. These are also related to machine learning and AI.

These include a single-camera portrait mode, notifications with nature-inspired designs, increased sensitivity, and brightness and volume sliders.


Xiaomi is a Chinese company dedicated to designing, developing and selling smartphones. Its first smartphone was launched in 2011 and since then it has established itself as a favorite among users of high-end devices.

By 2013, Xiaomi managed to have its MI2S model displace the Galaxy S4 and the IPhone 5 in China, becoming the most popular cell phone in the Asian nation.

With an incredibly accelerated pace of expansion, Xiaomi placed in the same year its MI3 model, managing to sell the first hundred thousand units through the Internet in just 86 seconds, according to data revealed by the company itself.

Stores in Spain

For 2017, the Asian company opened two physical stores in Spain, located in two large shopping centers in Madrid.

On the same day of the opening of the stores, Xiaomi began to distribute its products officially in the country: it is not for nothing that Xiaomi reached the Top 4 in Spain of the best-selling brands of smartphones.

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