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Mark Zuckerberg wants to create super-realistic avatars

Mark Zuckerberg quiere crear avatares súper realistas

Super-realistic avatars could be here soon. Mark Zuckerberg is hell-bent on designing a perfect Metaverse, after it didn’t quite reach its peak and what he thought it would be, due to some delays and difficulties encountered in its development. Now, with more strength than ever, the Meta entrepreneur wanted to present these avatars that will presumably be part of this new digital universe.

Super-realistic avatars allow you to have a digital double, supposedly

Zuckerberg presented his proposal to Lex Fridman, a Russian-American computer expert. Thanks to the research they are conducting in Meta, the two were able to meet “face to face” virtually thanks to their super-realistic avatars, despite being physically thousands of miles apart.

Meta investigates super-realistic avatars thanks to Pixel CodecAvatars project

Using virtual reality visors from Meta’s Questo Pro brand, built with sensors that monitor facial and eye tracking, a perfect scan of the face of the person wearing the device can be created, replicating live some of the most important facial features of the person wearing the device. avatars superrealistic that will do the same as the real people who are connected at that moment, being a realistic and futuristic meeting experience.

Zuckerberg defined the experience as something “truly magical” explaining that Meta is developing and perfecting a “computer model” that is capable of imitating any type of wink or grimace of the faces, also performing the same body movements and expressions that are being made at the moment of using the device.

Mark Zuckerberg describes his super-realistic avatars as very natural

Mark defined hissuper-realistic avatars as natural, thinking that in this way people who use them can identify with them instantly, feeling very comfortable with the experience. The Meta entrepreneur explained that once a person puts on the headset and glasses they see an authentic replica of themselves, with their own face and expressions that they have, being a fully personalized avatar that is created by sending coded information.

Speaking about the future of super-realistic avatars, Mark Zuckerberg clarified that the whole process is still developing and requires a lot of research time and resources. According to him, there will come a time when users will be able to have their avatar ready by relying only on their smartphones, making the cell phone scan the entire face to replicate it virtually. For now this process takes many hours and is still very slow.

During the talk with LexMark revealed that the technology they are researching could still take three years to become commercially available, without clarifying whether the images of the avatars superrealists are obtained from the glasses themselves or if they reach the device through information from a connected external computer.

With these advances, Mark wants to silence the rumors and criticism generated by his first presentation of the metaverse, in which he was even told that his avatar was a pure caricature of himself. Will we get to see a world parallel to this one in Meta? Only time will tell.