Whisper, a social network to tell your secrets to strangers and get advice

And you thought you had seen it all! Well, I want to tell you that no, you haven’t seen it all yet, because you probably didn’t know about Whisper. This is a curious social network in which you can unburden yourself by telling your most intimate secrets, those that you have not been able to tell anyone, and confessing to a stranger can be a very liberating feeling. So, if your life is full of hidden information, this social network could be ideal for you.

But, besides, you don’t need to have a world full of secrets, because if your thing is to be that shoulder on which people feel comfortable to cry and in return you provide the best words of comfort. You should dare to download Whisper and give advice to anyone who needs it, maybe you can add it to your resume as a volunteer.

It’s time to set you free! How to tell your secrets in Whisper?

Whisper works in a very simple way, the first thing is to download it from the iOS or Android app store. Send your secret anonymously, and it’s just a matter of waiting for what some stranger has to tell you, the best thing is that no one knows who is who, because here there are no user profiles, no photos, or anything that gives anyone away.

However, the least anonymous thing about Whisper is that you can access confessions of people who are close to you, but you will never know their exact location. Even enabling the use of localization is disabled by default.

The objective of its creators was precisely that, to deliver an App in which people could free themselves from the weight they have on their backs. But don’t worry, it is not a social network to live crying with the sadness of others, because here you can also cry, but with laughter, because it is common for people to tell things that are too funny.


Using Whisper is very simple, you enter the App and choose a pseudonym from those proposed at random. You will then find three options to view the secrets: Popular, Nearvy or Latest. When you see a confession you like, you can show your sympathy by sending a heart. But if you want to give advice, all you have to do is tap Reply.

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