Are you an animal lover? Don’t miss these important social networking sites!

Much more than a simple animal specimen, pets have always been part of our daily life, a clear symbol of everyday life and home. Given such vital importance, it was impossible for the curious social networks not to delay in giving it its deserved space. Whether your pet is feline, canine or avian, with the web portals compiled in the following article he or she can feel completely connected to the digital world.

The different tools provided by each of these portals pursue the clear objective of creating an optimal environment for their welfare and care, creating a unique community where only they will occupy the place of greater and deserved prominence.

Mascotea: One of the most important Spanish-speaking social networks for pets.

Much more than just a quirky website, this community has a whole host of services and specialties for a wide and diverse range of pets. Its founders Miriam Sainz Sánchez and Daniel López Azaña thought of creating a portal where pet owners could coexist on the web. With the firm purpose of improving the quality of life of all its animals in care.

To access the community, all you have to do is register in the portal by creating a username and password, through which you will be able to get in touch with important teams of animal lovers. The platform includes a directory of companies so that your pet can enjoy an exemplary quality of life.


Initially known as Dog Fancy, it is a bimonthly magazine. It has been successfully published in the United States since 1970. After its community consolidation and its presentation in the form of a magazine. Dogster began to delimit itself on the world of canine pets including important information contributed by this type of owners.

The publication also includes important interviews with doctors and experts in canine and general health. Another reason that makes your website one of the most important social networking sites is the availability of services according to your personality. Different types of diets, tricks and innovative games that can be taught, as well as the possibility of adopting one of them.

United Cats

Its web portal is available in 15 different languages. Hosting a global amplitude of more than 450000 users belonging to the glamorous feline world. Through the creation of a profile you can share different types of photos and videos to record all your mischief. It is also possible to integrate to the different blogs and interactive photos that your institution has.

One of the most important contests of this website is the well-known election of the “Cat of the Week” . It enjoys wide popularity. In addition, the network has a wide range of expert advice on feline health and safety. They will always be available to offer you all the keys for a better and effective care.

Final Notes: Other important social networks for pets that should not be overlooked.

With the inclusion of an increasing number of pets and animal species in the social networks of today’s world, it is not surprising that proposals for the creation of such communities are also widespread and highly versatile. Facepets is a great example of this. Although it is found particularly for the search for mates and thus promote their reproduction.

Changing the genre a little more is the renowned Vivapets portal. It also includes profiles for reptiles, various species of horses and rodents. Curious social networks would not be the same without spaces like IpetMe, Masquemascotas and DoggyTalky . Special platforms for the promotion of events and other social gatherings.

Finally, although it is not a website about animals or pets,’s online editor offers the possibility to create the best designs for pet stores, obtaining professional and competent results in a few minutes from its predesigned templates. Make any design related to your pet in just one click!

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