What’s next for us after the Smartphone?

Have you thought about this? I think the answer may be that yes, you have looked very seriously at what could be invented after smartphones. Those that have solved our life in so many aspects but have also complicated it in others (I am referring to our interpersonal relationships) but well, that’s another topic that we will not talk about. What concerns us today is to know: And after the Smartphone, what? If you think that nothing more will be invented, it’s time to rethink your answer because the days of smartphones could be numbered.

Contact lenses? Glasses? A watch under the skin? What will come after the smartphone, the best-selling device worldwide? If you are already eager to know the answer, read below.

Not everything has been invented, new developments after the Smartphone will follow

Just 10 years after the first iPhone, we have seen major changes in the fast pace of technological advances in smartphones. Major manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung are introducing new phones with more features and better performance to the market, yet they claim that smartphone sales have slowed. But the industry is not giving up hope, because the arrival of fifth-generation (5G) networks, as well as new materials and advances in virtual and augmented reality could boost the market.

However, Future Today Institute founder Amy Webb, who argues that something else entirely may supplant the smartphone in a few years, said in her report on technology trends that:

“2018 marked the beginning of the end of traditional smartphones, a new transition to a new era of computing and connected devices based on voice, gestures and touches is coming.”

In addition, he wrote that:

“The transition from phones to invisible interfaces, headsets with biometric sensors and speakers, rings and bracelets that could detect movement, smart glasses that record and also display information; it will forever change the way we experience the physical world.”

The smartphone, a device in constant evolution

For his part, David McQueen, connected devices analyst at ABI Reserch, analyzes the issue and argues in a recent report that the Smartphone is not going to disappear, especially in the short term, however, he suggests:

“It could change its look and feel, the mobile industry is constantly evolving, moving to devices with hands-free experiences, which are powered by artificial intelligence, mixed reality and gesture control. New smartphones, will offer enhanced biometric features, such as facial recognition, for example.”

According to Bob O’Donnell, founder of Technalysis Research, he believes that in the next few years we may see many innovations, i.e. devices that are even “smarter” than the ones we know today, with built-in artificial intelligence.

“If you have AI chips embedded in the device, you could do a lot of things without a network connection.”

And you, do you think there can’t be anything else after the Smartphone? Or do you think that in a few years there won’t even be a shadow of what we know today as “smartphones”? I believe that only time will give us the answer, but what is certain is that we can no longer conceive of the world without the interconnectivity that they provide us. It is a matter of waiting for new functionalities to be incorporated to improve what today is already an excellent device, which also changed our lives.





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