What is MusicLM, Google’s AI for creating music?

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has arrived everywhere and MusicLM is a good example of this. This is a technology developed by Google that makes it possible to generate music from words. It works like ChatGPT but instead of providing answers, it will offer two melodies based on a phrase given by the user.

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MusicLM is a tool that is still at an experimental stage, although it is already accepting interested parties to join a waiting list. In addition to these testers, Google also works with professionals to implement improvements and incorporate new features.

Although it allows the registration of those interested in testing this tool, it has not yet been opened to all countries, although it is expected that this will be enabled soon. However, registration can be carried out by informing the country and the reason for which you wish to test the tool.

How does Google MusicLM work?

One of the features of this new Google artificial intelligence tool is that it is very easy to use. Basically what it does is to generate songs with lyrics and melody from phrases and descriptions provided by the user. It creates two songs based on the prompts you give it and, after listening to them, you can choose one of the two options. MusicLM is trained, like all artificial intelligence tools, through music and text. More precisely, 280 thousand hours of music have been used to train the tool, according to Google. This allows you to learn about different genres and how a melody should sound. In this way, interesting results are obtained, which simulate songs created by human beings.

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It generates melodies with a quality of 24 kHz and allows to join different descriptions in the same melody. In addition to this, you can also create melodies for pictures or images from their descriptions or create music for certain landscapes.

MusicLM training allows you to respond appropriately to very complex and specific descriptions. According to Google, an example would be the soundtrack of a fast-paced, upbeat arcade game.

What can be the uses of this Google tool?

Although it is a tool still under development, MusicLM has many potential uses. The possibilities are diverse and can be used as a support for musicians or for the development of melodies for advertisements, video games or even movies. For example, it can be used as a trigger to create songs for artists who cannot find inspiration.

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MusicLM’s features include the possibility to choose different levels of complexity, so you can create melodies for beginners or professionals. This gives more realism to the resulting melodies.

The MusicLM tool offers instrumental melodies but also vocal sounds. However, the voices are not of good quality, do not respond to a particular language and have a tinny sound. However, it is still under development, so it is expected to deliver better results over time.

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