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Want to find your “twin” on the web? Yandex application allows you to do it in seconds

The tools that work with facial recognition have become more and more sophisticated. In this case, the Russian search engine Yandex has a tool that allows you to search for the equivalent of a face in a few seconds.

The free tool allows you to upload a selfie and after analyzing the features, it finds similar faces in a few seconds.

How to search?

The first thing to do is to get a photo of the face you want to search for. It can also be a selfie. Once this is done, search in the browser for Yandex. When you are on the site, locate the photography section.

This can be easily identified by the camera icon. After uploading or dragging the image, the search engine will indicate if it finds the same image on the Internet and will present the most similar options it finds.

Although each face is unique and unrepeatable, the truth is that more than one will be surprised to find people with very similar features.

How does it achieve this?

Image search engines have been improved to make facial recognition more and more effective and in the shortest possible time.

These search engines work through facial recognition algorithms that analyze certain characteristic features.

In the case of Yandex, the algorithm analyzes in a few seconds the hairstyle, the shape and size of the forehead, the size and shape of the eyes and the distance between them and other facial features.

Then, by comparing the concrete elements that make up a human face, they are mathematically compared with millions of other faces: the algorithm analyzes all these data and associates them with images that have at least some of the characteristics and that’s it: the twin has appeared somewhere in the world!


Yandex is the Russian Internet-related services and products company. It is the largest Internet search operator in Russia: it has a market share of 65%.

It began operations in September 1997. According to a ranking based on information from, Yandex is the fourth largest search engine in the world: it had more than 150 million searches per day since April 2012.

As of February 2013, this Russian giant had more than 50.5 million daily visitors across all the services it offers.

On the other hand, the ranking gives Yandex the 29th place in popularity in the world, while in Russia it is number four, according to 2018 numbers.

Yandex also operates in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey. In Belarus it accounted for 43% of all results. It opened an office in Switzerland and another in China. By June 2008, the Russian giant announced the opening of a U.S. office, Yandex Labs, in California.

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