Vive XR Lite: HTC’s virtual reality headset that everyone will want

It is no secret that virtual reality headsets are not very popular among users yet. However, despite this, it is a technology that is constantly advancing and the Vive XR Lite helmets are a good example of this. The launch of this new product seeks to capture not only the traditional public but also general users. For this, HTC has built three times the power into its hulls than that of its main competitor Meta.

The Vive XR Lite is not only a powerful virtual reality headset, but also easy to use and with details that seek to conquer all types of audiences. While its launch price at $1099 is quite high, it is an innovative product with many features to discover.

What are the main features of the Vive XR Lite virtual reality headset?

First of all, it should be noted that HTC presents the Vive XR Lite helmets as the beginning of a world of virtual experiences. According to Cher Wang, the president of HTC, the XR Lite will be the physical gateway to the Vivaverse universe of experiences which is the metaverse version.

Among the features of this virtual reality headset, it offers 4k quality images at 90 Hz and a 110° field of view. It has an external camera and has two 1920×1920 pixel displays per eye. This camera allows you to enhance the extended reality experience to get the most out of your device.

It uses a Snapdragon XR2 processor that has 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. In this it marks a clear difference with its main competitor, the Meta Quest 2, as these features allow it to offer three times more power.

One of the most interesting features is the option to adjust the focus in a customized way. It is a tailor-made function for people with sight problems, since it allows them to use the helmet without having to wear glasses.

It is a light and easy to use product, weighing 625 grams with battery and 240 grams without it. It offers integrated microphone and speakers to enhance the experience and the headset has two capacitive sensing controls.

Finally, the XR Lite virtual reality headset can be used wirelessly for up to 15 hours on a single charge. The device is compatible with fast chargers, so a full charge can be achieved in just half an hour.

Virtual reality helmets: the next trend for the metaverse

The Viverse is HTC’s metaverse, for which the company has numerous projects. The launch of a virtual reality headset such as the XR Lite will allow you to explore this metaverse and live new experiences. In this regard, HTC has established partnerships, for example, with Taiwan’s Elle magazine to open a showroom within Viverse. The same goes for Warner, which will be in charge of the musical experiences of this metaverse.

HTC’s products such as virtual reality headsets or smartphones with NFT wallets are pursuing the goal of integrating with that metaverse, offering different experiences within it.

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