Unlimited creativity in the palm of your hand

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has allowed creativity to have no limits in the art world. To this we can add that, with phones getting smarter and smarter, and in the palm of our hand, we can make the best art. These artificial engines are already transforming the design world completely. That painstaking work of coding and rendering, by people in front of a PC, is now a thing of the past.

Today DALL-E is an artificial intelligence that generates original works of art based on indications provided by a person. As each word of the final idea is typed, the AI shows the appearance of one image after another. For those new to this world, it feels miraculous. In fact, it is so amazing what this software does that many people have even teared up because of how magical it feels.

These days, technological devices seem to have crossed a threshold. It had been established from the beginning that computers were incapable of being truly creative. But now millions of people find themselves using this new generation of AI to obtain stunning images. Many of these users are not professional artists or Oscar winners like Lee Unkrich. Although not everyone will be awarded, everyone can be an image generator or transcribe an idea.

With creativity in our mind and smartphone

The realism and depth of detail in each image never ceases to amaze with each creation that comes to light. Currently, there are four outstanding services in the field of artificial intelligence. There we have Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Artbreeder and DALL-E. It is said that users of these platforms are generating some 20 million images per day. With a paintbrush in hand, metaphorically speaking, the AI never ceases to amaze with its capacity and drive for art and creativity.

These Artificial Intelligences are constant generators of surprises in today’s world. Especially for the power of learning art from the billions of images that humans have been making throughout their history on Earth. It is from there that these new creative alternatives can be given as a result of what is expected to be seen. There is a restructuring in the resulting new images that makes you see options that, surely, no person could ever think of. You can appreciate details that none of us would find feasible in the art world. In addition, of skills in execution that would not be possible to carry out by the human eye and skill.

In these last six months, everything that has been generated around AI has been truly amazing. While some look for beauty in the image and aim for the visual, others find that beauty hidden in the software code. The forward-looking announcements are, in terms of predictions, that AI will be generative in altering the way almost everything is designed. In addition, it is anticipated that no “human” artists will lose their jobs due to this new technology.