Top 5 technological breakthroughs of 2019

Below, we would like to introduce you to the most outstanding technological advances that this 2019 has left us with in terms of products, announcements and innovations in technology. We made this ranking with the novelties that were presented at CES 2019 held in Las Vegas and at IFA 2019 held in Berlin, others instead are the most important according to Bill Gates. Let’s get started!

5. Technological advances in the area of medicine: medical assistants.

In this 2019, Samsung thought about the elderly or those who require medical care. For this reason, it launched BotCare, robots that function as assistants and, among many other activities, measure the heart rate, blood pressure, sleep and breathing of its patients. They even have the ability to call for emergency assistance.

4. Climbing and flying cars, the future is now!

Hyundai presented a “climbing car” whose name is Elevate. This was designed for people who ride long distances and climb very steep and dangerous terrain. This car can convert the wheels into articulated arms, which makes it easier to complete those complex hills. Would you use it?

3. Wrist electrocardiograms

These technological advances are truly beneficial for everyone and are based on smartwatch technology. It is not a physical activity tracker, but rather an electrocardiograph, that medical device that health professionals use to diagnose abnormalities in the heart and its chambers.

Currently, this technology is being developed by Apple Watch compatible startup AliveCor and health device company Withings. It is designed to be able to detect a heart attack in real time.

2. Cinema in a pair of glasses

The well-known Chinese brand TV manufacturer TCL, presented at IFA 2019 glasses that aim to give its users a cinema experience in their eyes. You should know that this is not a device like Google Glass, which can be used while performing other tasks, because these are polarized sunglasses that are intended for personal entertainment, this means that you can not use them while walking, for example.

1. Cancer vaccines – the best technological breakthrough!

Current cancer treatments target both cancerous and healthy cells. But these vaccines will, by identifying mutations unique to each tumor, cause the body’s defenses to attack only the cancer cells. Bill Gates has said that this is one of the most promising technological breakthroughs that 2019 has left, given that it could stop many types of cancer without the damage caused by other treatments such as, for example, chemotherapies.

Do you know of any other 2019 technological advances that you would like to include in this ranking?

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