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Meta plans to launch ad-free paid versions of Instagram and Facebook

Instagram and Facebook without advertising may be a reality in a short time, with the aim of adapting to the European Union’s regulations on data privacy. Meta decided to launch the paid versions of these popular social networks, but only for users in this region.

The main feature of these versions would be that they would not include advertising, something that has been exacerbated in recent months on both platforms.

A New York Times article was the place where the news broke, which was revealed by three people with information about Meta’s future plans. In this way, there will be different versions of these social networks, since in other countries they will continue with the same advertising policy that is in force at the moment.


What would the ad-free versions of Instagram and Facebook look like?

The versions of these social networks that would be tested only by users in the European Union would be paid and would allow no ads in their feed.

The European Union regulations, on the basis of which Meta is making this modification to its platforms, establish regulations for the handling of users’ private data. Such data is collected by Facebook and Instagram to personalize the advertisements offered. An example of these regulations is that advertisements of this type may not be presented to underage users.

A precedent for these regulations was established in July. A court prohibited Meta networks from using private information for advertisements, unless the user expresses explicit consent. Prior to this, Meta companies had been fined in Ireland for forcing users to accept ads based on their preferences as a requirement for using Facebook.

The option given to users of a paid version of the social networks Facebook and Instagram could relieve Meta in two ways. On the one hand, being non-publicity versions would alleviate regulators’ pressures on data handling. It is also a way to generate revenue that can compensate for the losses it would incur by not being able to show ads to all users. Finally, it is a good way to continue to keep the social networks on this continent active.


What will be the launch date of the paid versions of Facebook and Instagram?

For now the only thing clearly defined is that the use of Facebook and Instagram will continue in the European Union, albeit in two versions. There will be a free version and a paid version with no advertisements. It is not yet known what the cost of paid profiles on these social networks will be or what these profiles will include. In other words, we will have to wait to know if they will only be free of advertising or if they will have more benefits. It is worth remembering that, at least on Instagram, there is the possibility of obtaining the verified that offers different advantages over users without verification.

There are also no definitions as to when the implementation of the ad-free versions of Instagram and Facebook in the European Union will take place. It is expected that this will not take long due to the regulations with which it must comply.