Three-day work week – this is the future according to AI researchers

In recent days, representatives of innovation companies such as Telefónica, Bank Of America, BNP Paribas and Deloitte, among others, gathered in New York for a meeting on artificial intelligence. There, researchers concluded that in the future the three-day work week will be a trend and that “digital employees” programmed with this technology will be the most demanded in the labor market.

During the meeting, the impact of automation and programmable tasks was also discussed. And of course, about a concern that is now very common across the board, which is that when people talk about AI, the first thing that comes to mind is the elimination of thousands of jobs rather than the creation of new job opportunities.

Will it be possible to leave many of the tasks to AI, to have a three-day work week?

The meeting was sponsored by IPSoft, a conversational software developer named Amelia. Amelia has “human-like capabilities” and is basically in charge of serving as a liaison between the companies and the end customer, mainly to solve doubts.

And you might be thinking that this is something that chatbots already do , but it’s not. Amelia’s programming allows her to converse fluently with customers, without them noticing that they are talking to software.

Chetan Dube, CEO of IPSoft stated:

“Amelia does not jeopardize the future of employment, but it means a change in the work culture where more creative functions will have to be bet on to the detriment of the routine ones that will be executed by robots.”

He further adds:

“Shouldn’t machines work for us? Machines should be left to work and man should be given more freedom to engage in creativity.

For his part, Christopher Manning, a professor at Stanford University and an academic expert in the field of machine learning and AI, expounded:

“I think the attitude is to see that technology improves people’s lives. If the worst that can happen is that we have to go toward a three-day work week because most of the work will be automated, that won’t be a bad thing, lives would be even better.”

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