These are Apple’s new noise-canceling AirPods Pro

Apple surprised with an out-of-the-ordinary launch, that is, leaving aside its usual presentation to show the world the new AirPods Pro. These wireless headphones come with some interesting new features such as, noise cancellation and some sound improvements over the AirPods 2. The new from the Californian company can be purchased in online stores and from this October 30, 2019 in Spanish physical stores for 279 euros.

The AirPods Pro: new design, better fit and noise cancellation capability.

Yes, the AirPods Pro arrives renewed in design, compared to its predecessors the AirPods 2. In order to cancel noise, they have a flexible, cone-shaped ear cushion, which, according to Apple, allows them to fit the ear perfectly thanks to their three different sizes.

Active noise cancellation is optional, i.e. the user can choose whether or not to perceive ambient sound. And is that, the company claims that these AirPods Pro, are the only ones on the market that have active noise cancellation and adapt the sound continuously according to the geometry of the ear of the person and the adjustment of the pads.

But how does noise cancellation work? In the AirPods Pro, it consists of generating a reverse sound wave that performs the function of canceling the sound from the outside. For this particular case, each earphone has an outward-facing microphone that performs the task of detecting noise.

For this reason, the earphone creates a signal with the same amplitude in the direction of the ear and basically cancels the external noise just before it is perceived by the user. This device adjusts this operation 200 times per second.

But, as mentioned above, noise cancellation is optional. So, if the user wants to hear the noise again, he or she only needs to press an external sensor on one of the earphones. The AirPods Pro, have a high dynamic range amplifier, which means that, its sound is very clear, in addition to increasing the battery life.

Other important features

  • They are water and sweat resistant.
  • They are loaded in a case.
  • The battery life provides the possibility of up to 4.5 hours of playback.
  • The full charge of the box allows them to operate for 24 hours.
  • Just like the previous generation of headphones, they are wireless charging.

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