The unknown of 4chan’s owner

The 4chan bulletin board reportedly features disreputable links and that has led to questions about who is behind it. Different relationships have been maintained in the darkest and murkiest silence. Initially linked to QAnon and also to Gamergate, it has generated talk of incubation of a brand linked to online racism. In addition, several terrorist attacks have resulted in the death of dozens of people.

The unknown of 4chan's ownerThe 4chan references are not among the best. To such an extent, references and attributes have been promoted in a 180-page article published by a teenager, who allegedly shot 13 people in a Buffalo neighborhood. This is in addition to information about transphobia, of an erroneous nature, which has been spread by 4chan users. The site has also been linked to the shooter who killed a score of children in the Texas town of Uvale.

Darkness on 4chan

This board finds itself promoting infamy without ever knowing who or who is behind it. Ownership of the site has always been murky. Invented by an American, in 2015 it was sold to a Japanese entrepreneur. This corporate structure, which is unknown, is only known to a few corporations that are registered in Delaware.

Everything indicates, according to WIRED, that a Japanese toy company is behind 4chan. Good Smile Company would be the support that counts the image board. This firm would be linked to the acquisition of the site in 2015.