The Sero by Samsung: Millennials now have their own TV!

The South Korean company does not stop surprising with all its constant innovations, which undoubtedly give a lot to talk about. It seems that they never give up and continue to create and take advantage of new formats in its category of televisions, so do not be surprised because if you thought you had already seen almost everything, I tell you that now they came out with something a little strange: Samsung TV The Sero, a vertical TV designed for millennialswho record MUCH! content vertically on the cell phone.

The Sero is a 43-inch diagonal model. However, don’t go thinking that there is nothing practical about this as not all commercial television we consume is vertical, indeed, arguably almost none of it is, except for content that is recorded from smartphones. So, at this point in life you should already know that this company leaves nothing to chance, so you can use it in its original position (vertical) or the traditional horizontal.

Are you a millennial? This is everything The Sero has for you

Well, to get into the subject, The Sero is not just a vertical TV and that’s it, because if your thing is music, you should know that this has a high-end 4.1 speaker and 60 watts of sound. The South Korean company intends that millennials can play music either through Spotify or Apple Music, as well as other multimedia content such as movies or video games thanks to NFC connectivity.

In addition, the idea of bringing to market a TV with these features, according to Samsung, is to attract a generation that records a lot of content on their devices vertically and can have another device on which they can enjoy it without missing anything.

The Sero will be sold from May with a blue stand, but if you were already going to run out and buy it, I’m sorry to disappoint you, because for now it will only be available in South Korea for a price of approximately 1,460 euros. So it’s just a matter of waiting to see what will happen, as the manufacturer described The Sero as a concept, which may eventually look more like an experiment, so we don’t know if it will be sold worldwide.

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