The problems of Artificial Intelligence in real life

Although it has been promoted for years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has drawbacks in real life. From handling captcha’s, the ability to take care of art, mastering software and handling different algorithms for home life.

The problems of Artificial Intelligence in real life

Human or robot

It is becoming increasingly difficult for a person to prove that they are not a robot or machine, which is why captcha testing is growing in complexity. This situation often discourages many users who get stuck looking for the “fire hydrant”. At the beginning of the decade they were texts with some ease. Today they are puzzling to many people.

The captcha proved to be a good elegant choice for training the AI. It was later proven that different fraudsters managed to solve millions of riddles. In 2014, it was the time when Google started with the distorted text captcha. The machine was 99.8 percent correct and the human user only 33 percent correct.

Artificial Intelligence in art

For some time now, artists have been expressing their fear of losing business to automation. This is where AI applied to manual processes that used to be time-consuming comes in. For critics, this technological tool cannot supplant the creativity of artists.

Firms such as Adobe or Celsys have been adding features to their AI software. Digital art has had a strong growth, with the intention of eliminating drudgery and giving the artist time for experimentation. The intention, according to companies dedicated to creativity, is to achieve AI learning in tedious and uncreative tasks.