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The houses of the future will have smart walls

It is not difficult to realize that every day we are moving towards a more hyperconnected world, in fact, many of the most incredible things or novelties can already be seen and made use of today. Doorbells, toasters and even the lights in the house are already designed to be connected to the internet and can make our lives easier, in short, the internet of things is changing the way we see and live our lives. So, is it possible to think that in the future everything will be intelligent? o Will there be some things that will escape technology? Here’s a hint: smart walls.

Well, it seems that not even the walls of the houses of the future will be able to escape from the technological advances that are conceived day by day without any control, leaving us more and more perplexed by the creativity and ingenuity of their inventors and that is when you say: My God, what am I doing with my life!

Now, after lamenting because you want to be this creative but your leisure time doesn’t allow it and limits you from filling your pockets with money, thanks to some technological invention that will change the future of many people. Let’s be amazed at what these researchers from Carnegie Mellon University teamed up with Disney researchers to transform simple walls into smart walls.

Here’s what you need to know about smart walls

Yang Zhang, one of the researchers on the project commented at the Human Factors in Computing Systems conference in Montreal, Quebec:

“Walls are everywhere, so why not turn them into sensors for smart homes?”

The aim of the project is to be able to give walls the ability to track touch, as well as users’ gestures through “electromagnetic air noise”.

He further stated:

“Homes, offices, restaurants, schools, museums. The walls are everywhere, but they are inactive.”

This is how in the future with these smart walls, you could, for example, play video games using only postures to control them with just an arm movement or tapping the wall directly if you want to turn off the lights, goodbye to light switches!

That’s how smart walls are going to work!

Without cameras to track movements or anything like that, this smart wall system is based on a grid of “big electrodes” that will be covered by a layer of water-based paint and will be responsible for conducting electricity. The idea is to use water-based paint, which is less odorous and looks much better than other conductive paints, such as those containing nickel. These are the houses of the future.

The idea for the project came about because researchers have always dreamed of technologies that blend in with the environment around us. Christian Holz, a researcher at Microsoft Research, who is not involved in the project, gave his opinion on the subject:

“A wall sensor is something that dominates the room but remains hidden from view. It challenges our conception of what a device can look like and demonstrates that highly sensitive technology can integrate seamlessly with everyday objects.”