The end of captchas seems to have arrived with iOS update

Many users have been critical of the verification that different sites or applications do through captchas. Although security has been a major issue, the methods used to prevent bots have not been to the public’s liking. However, it all seems to have come to an end with the iOS operating system update.

The end of captchas seems to have arrived with iOS updateEverything seems to indicate that the test where traffic lights or pedestrian paths are to be marked is about to close its cycle. Updates to iOS and macOS versions for both iPhone and computers have promised to remove captchas. The technology to be used would be “automatic verification”. By the same, sites will verify that you are not a robot without the need to do anything.

The end of captcha testing

This method is a public Turing test, which is intended to prevent fraud when registering on a website. Captchas seek to combat the automation of responses and to verify the “existence” of a person behind the screen. There comes the request to recognize different images or numbers inserted within a scene.

The purpose is to discover or confirm that we are not a robot looking to reach a fictitious user account. Fraudulent activities are the main target of captchas. Many legitimate users aim to create multiple accounts for various reasons and work with this method of identity confirmation.

The captcha bypass feature will be based on the same type of technology that Apple uses to replace Internet passwords. The goal is for our device to send an encrypted statement confirming that the web login request is made by a person.