The election machine is a boost for Facebook

Tara McGowan, a former Democratic operative, has been working on the promotion of an electoral machine with social networks as its epicenter. Millions are being invested in Meta’ s advertising network to achieve the Courier Newsroom build-out. It is seen as a media powerhouse for the left and has positioned McGowan as a political operative turned editor.


At 36, this energetic woman oversees a small empire of progressive, local news sites in the United States from her WeWork office. McGowan bought the site in 2021 and, from there, it has been growing steadily. Today, newsrooms stretch from Arizona to North Carolina. For this political editor, the media is the best antidote to misinformation. At this point, hyperbole, a figure of speech that exaggerates or diminishes a fact, has been pointed out, as well as the lies that proliferate on social networks. Many of these figures tend to promote ideas of a political nature, such as the content of an ideological right wing, they have pointed out.

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Work on the electoral machine

The feeds, for McGowan, are a calculated injection of news in these respects. For the editor, this format can bring a republic back from the ruins and the edge of the abyss it finds itself in. The main focus is on getting people back into the habit of voting. In addition, McGowan believes that this new democratic process will lead to the recruitment of many people who will end up leaning towards left-wing positions.

The use of Facebook’s powerful ad targeting tools is where political scientists and specialized journalists have turned their attention. Such work was done in the Iowa primary elections and will be analyzed in future election cases. This type of primary election is the political contest, according to specialists, that keeps democracy afloat and that, unfortunately, is usually ignored outright.

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Political data today is an informative contest for the media in its facet of exposing those who are running for office. At this point, Facebook ads also become relevant, particularly because of the data that may be hidden or shown to users. The social network’s “look-alike” tool is used to find people and purchase ads dedicated to particular age groups.

Selling content and reaching the user

These types of ads are not intended to sell anything, they only promote different stories. One of the most important political contests in the United States is for the Democratic nomination against incumbent U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley. Social media ads are looking for the clicks necessary for these digital ads to perform well after small margins. It should be remembered that any time they are above two percent is a good reason to celebrate.

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The experiment being conducted to invoke voting does not have click-through rate or readership at its core. On the contrary, the aim is to find out whether the people who enter these publications intend to vote.