Telegram launches its version of Stories

It seems that Telegram has given in to users’ demands and is going to incorporate Stories to its platform. This format was first popularized by Snapchat and is now part of most social networks.

While Telegram was initially reluctant to incorporate this type of content, mainly because it was everywhere, it seems to have changed its mind. According to Pavel Durov, the app’s founder, the decision to incorporate Stories was ultimately in response to continued user requests. He added that for years they have received requests to incorporate Stories, so they decided to do it, but in the style of Telegram.

What will Telegram Stories look like and when will they be available?

Although the Stories feature is incorporated into Telegram, the truth is that they will not be completely similar to those of other platforms. According to Durov, Telegram Stories will be a way to enrich the experience and will make profiles more informative and colorful.

The features that Telegram Stories will have will be:

Dual-camera content: this is a function similar to the Be Real application. Support will be provided for publishing with photos and videos captured by the front and rear cameras simultaneously. For example, it will be possible to upload a selfie accompanied by a photo of a landscape.

Add captions: users will have all kinds of image and video editing options available. In addition, subtitles can be added to Stories and people can be tagged.

Privacy controls: this feature will be similar to those available on other social networks. It will be possible to choose who can see the Stories. They can be all, only contacts, selected contacts or a list of selected friends.

Hide Stories: another interesting feature that Telegram will provide is the ability to hide Stories from other people very easily. All you have to do is slide the Stories to the Hidden option in the Contacts option. In this way, the Stories of the contacts that are in this option will be kept hidden.

Selecting the duration of the Stories: another feature of Telegram Stories is the possibility of choosing the duration of the Stories. Unlike on Instagram or Whatsapp, Stories can be selected to last 6, 12, 24 and even 48 hours. They can also be left permanently in the profile, choosing the type of privacy in each of them.

Expandable location: Telegram Stories will be located at the top of the application, in the form of a bubble, just as it happens, for example, in Instagram. However, the difference will be that it will be a more compact space that the user will be able to expand when he/she wishes to view them. This is a very practical feature to avoid taking up too much space.


Telegram Stories are currently in their final testing phase. They are expected to start arriving in the application in early July. According to Durov’s statement, after internal testing, many began to appreciate Stories. He even added that they can’t imagine Telegram without them, so we’ll have to wait and see what the public reception is.

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