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New Instagram update allows you to download Reels

The new Instagram update has new features for the popular Reels. Like Tik Tok, its main competitor, it will now offer the option of downloading them directly from the mobile application. No extra application will be required, although initially it will only be available for the United States.

While Tik Tok has long allowed the downloading of Reels, the Meta application did not. Users had to download third-party applications in order to do so. On the contrary, Tik Tok made this tool the basis of its success. Part of Tik Tok’s popularity lies in the possibility of downloading short videos to publish them later on other platforms. By using the same application to download, each video has the user and social network information, which helps to promote it and generate traffic.

When will the update for the Reels download be implemented?

The bad news for those waiting for this interesting feature on Instagram is that it will only be available to users in the United States, at least at first. The announcement about the possibility of downloading Reels was made by Adam Mosseri, director of Instagram. It was also reported that the launch of this function will be staggered. The update will be available only in the United States first, with other countries to follow. In addition to this, the Reels will be downloadable only from the mobile application. It was not clarified whether downloading from the web application will also be enabled at a later date.

As with Tik Tok, Reels downloaded from Instagram will include a watermark with the Instagram logo and the user’s name. However, not all Reels will offer the download option. Only Reels from public accounts will offer the download option, as long as those accounts have authorized the download.

Although no exact date has been given for the incorporation of this functionality, it is expected to be available for U.S. users in the near future.

The way to download is very simple, you will have to click on the Share icon of the application and select the Download option.

Group profiles, another new feature offered by Instagram

A new feature is now available on Instagram that makes it easier to manage collaborative accounts. These are group profiles, a very efficient alternative for several users to create content on the same Instagram account. You simply invite users so that they can publish content on that account. Guests can be administrators or users, the difference between the two will be the permissions they will have. Administrators can invite more people and approve content, while users have more restricted roles.

In the case of private groups, only members can see the content of posts, Reels or stories. In the case of public accounts, the accounts will appear as regular Instagram accounts.

This tool is now available on Meta’s social network. Together with the Reels download, these are the most interesting new features of Instagram that are transforming this popular social network.