Telegram is renewed, these are its latest features

If you are a loyal user of the Telegram application this news will interest you, because the updated version is now available. Through their blog, they explained what it is all about and what you will be able to enjoy from now on. Pay close attention because here we are going to tell you all about it.

Now Telegram allows you to:

Send silent messages

This new Telegram feature allows you to write messages to other users when you know the recipient is sleeping, perhaps studying or in a meeting. To use the silent message mode, just activate the “send without sound” option that appears when you long press on the send button.

Then, the other person will receive a new message notification, but will not hear any sound, even if the latter does not have the “do not disturb” option activated. This function also works for groups.

Slow mode

This new function is for groups, here the administrator will be able to set the time that must elapse before each member can send a new message. In order to make the charts function in a more orderly fashion, each user will be able to see how long he/she can send his/her message in the writing bar. Such intervals may be of: 30 seconds or 1 minute and up to one hour.

What’s new for videos

From now on, videos can be sent from the point where you want another user to see it. That is, if you want someone else to watch a video from minute 2:01, the receiver will be able to click on the time and watch the video from that point.

In addition, from the Telegram blog they commented that it also works if you mention a “timestamp” when replying to a video. Thus, the other user will automatically receive a link and will be able to access from the point indicated by the sender.

Other features of the Telegram update:

  • New animated emojis.
  • Group administrators will be able to modify the group name from the group settings option.
  • For Android, the menu for sending photos or videos was increased in size. So now you can view the entire phone gallery by swiping up.
  • For iOS users, they will be able to change the night mode colors, which until now could only be blue or black.

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