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Technology in the society of the future will change the way we attend funerals.

Gone are the days when a sorrowful congregation of friends and family members would attend to say their last goodbyes to their loved ones. Technology in society is already changing every aspect of our lives, and multiple companies around the world predict that our ascent to life in heaven will not escape such effects.

Through new technological advances, it is estimated that death will also be a completely virtual and digitized process. To such an extent that we will be able to get in touch with the life of our deceased relative through a fully computerized environment. This article will describe the main current proposals that will define the way we will see death in our immediate future.

Funeral Apps: Technology in society will allow you to schedule the day of your death.

The I Funeral mobile application is described by various media as one of the most recent efforts to computerize the final farewell and burial process. Unlike other programs of its kind, I Funeral allows the person himself to manage the whole process before he takes his last breath in this world. You can choose details such as type of burial, type of coffin, mortuary clothing and even the music to be used on that day.

Other applications that given its methodology can enter this type of cataloging, is I Cemetery which will be able to notify of your death to all your family friends through the most common social networks. In the event that you are the person who must attend, Just To Say is an app that is programmed to provide you with phrases of comfort and encouragement for family members.

The company Memorial Spain and its new technology of “digital gravestones”.

Located in the heart of the city of Madrid, this company is currently at the forefront of the sale of all kinds of tombstones and objects of funerary art. Through its website, you can find a whole range of products that can be personalized to taste, being the most important of them all, the inclusion of tombstones or epitaphs with QR code.

The melancholy visits to the grave of that relative who passed away a little more than a year ago will be a thing of the past. Now, by using our smart mobile device to scan a small digital code printed on the grave, the company’s database will provide an interactive view of the person we are remembering. In addition to an extensive collection of photographs, the personalized database will be able to reveal to visitors exclusive details such as the trips he took, the type of clothes he wore, as well as the genre of music he used to listen to.

Legadrive Company and the new trend of “On Line Funerals”: How can they be implemented?

One of the reasons why technology in society is being transferred to the area of mortality is the ability it has always had to reduce distances. Therefore, the placement of cameras at certain points in the wake center will make it possible for family members outside to witness the funeral without even being present.

In Latin America, the Mexican company Gayosso is a remarkable example of this, which makes it possible for every funeral to be perceived by loved ones who are miles away only through the use of their android phone, tablet, Iphone or Smartphone together with a Wifi connection. Legadrive, on the other hand, is an American company dedicated to creating interactive databases that store important memories of the loved one in a “cloud” medium.

Final Notes: “Ecological funerals” as a new way to protect the future environment.

As unorthodox as it may sound, in the future, the cemeteries we know today as dark and gloomy sites may look more like a vast, lush forest than an endless sea of granite and asphalt tombstones. This is what the Italian company Capsula Mundi intends to do, which aims to use ecological death to offer a more sustainable burial.

His project consists of placing the ashes of the deceased in a biodegradable container in the shape of an egg, inside which seeds chosen by the deceased himself are also implanted and that sooner or later will become a tree when it is born. A process that will save on average 20% of the usual maintenance costs.

Each and every one of the ideas presented in the following article therefore represents only the apex of a process that has only just begun, however, technology in society will continue to pervade multiple aspects of human life, including our inevitable departure to the afterlife.

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