Become a mom 4.0 with today’s new technology offerings

What would you think if we told you that the technology you teach so much to restrict your children would actually help you take care of them? What if Wifi could be used as an entity to ensure the welfare of all of them? Today’s technology has come along to prove that this kind of thing can actually be possible, to the point where every mom can believe in it both at work and personally.

In the following article we will introduce you to a whole arsenal of ingenious ways in which the different gizmos and apps available on the market will allow you to optimize your daily chores. Now tasks such as shopping, cleaning the house and taking care of your children in your absence can all be at your fingertips.

Grocery shopping: Today’s top technology priority.

Much more than just food, the different applications allow you to more effectively locate various products for the care and maintenance of your little ones. The various applications allow you to adopt this functionality in two types and ways, firstly, applications such as Diloo, allow you to buy food remotely and have it delivered to your home in less than 30 minutes. Fourscuare, on the other hand, performs the opposite function of selecting a placid restaurant to go to for dinner.

The technological media have also given great thought to the necessary omnipresence of every mother. This is how apps like Presence allow you to connect your IPhone to your home security cameras for greater control. At the same time, it is important that these tools are complemented by the appropriate use of financial resources, as in the case of the Monefy application.

Main applications for working moms: What benefits can be obtained from them?

Nowadays, an increasing number of moms, discard being absolutely housewives, and prefer to risk a lot of time working for companies. In the spirit of not allowing your children’s responsibilities to affect your work performance, the important thing is to balance home and work. In order to correct this imbalance, it is possible to use Google Calendar and Google Keep.

Today’s technology is also aware that proficiency in the English language also makes it possible to improve job opportunities. For those moms who are too busy to attend a traditional institute, Duolingo will be the best alternative for their needs. Also available to learn French and Portuguese. In case your job requires more communication with international clients and other departments of the company, the latest alternatives in terms of Skype and Google Hangouts will allow you to maintain the same performance.

Self-care applications: When attention to the family does not preclude taking care of oneself.

With respect to the necessary stress-relieving activities, including various sports and exercise routines, there is no reason why technologies should be separated from this. It is then when several apps like Pocket Yoga and Sworkit Trainer appear, each of which will serve as an excellent guide when it comes to having the best exercise routines that will tone your muscle tone, health and wellness.

In the case of aerobic exercises, the Strava app is the ideal one to measure your progress, as it is equipped with all the necessary elements to customize parameters such as distance, time and resistance. Due to its ideal characteristics, we cannot leave out the famous Airbnb, which through simple codes will be your best friend when it comes to travel. Being able to book hotel rooms, as well as pre-order tickets to your favorite tourist destinations.

Final Notes: Other important technological benefits for those who excel in the art of being a mother.

As the person on whom most of the household responsibilities fall, mothers have been trying to manage their lives for a long time now. Nancy Steinberg, prestigious editor of the website 18 bbmundo, estimates that an increasing number of mothers will prefer to include the different technological tools in their routines, rather than fight them.

The most important thing will of course be to achieve a physical and spiritual balance between the different facets that it must impose on your life. Of course, there are unlimited areas in which technology is currently able to take advantage of, among which are personal aesthetics, the purchase of medicines, and the administration of various types of businesses.

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