Curious social networks wouldn’t be the same without Vampire Freaks

With the changing times belonging to the gothic subculture is now more than just a synonym of rebellion, the curious social networks have made it possible for the dark culture to have its own web space for its diffusion. Since its emergence in 1999, Vampire Freacks has been able to bring together millions of users who freely seek to share that personal darkness we all carry inside.

The interesting thing about this meeting is that its various digital tools allow the dissemination of Gothic thought in a totally creative and spontaneous way. Its various interactive tools make music, contests, interviews and videos fully accessible to all its users.

Multimedia services offered by Vampire Freacks: Curious social networks and their relationship with the dark universe.

It is a web space created by the American programmer Jet Berelson for more than two decades. Music, of course, occupies an important place in its programmed activities. First of all, it serves as a promotion for a countless number of dark Metal bands, whose profiles allow them to increase their presence on the networks thanks to the incessant gaining of followers.

As if that were not enough, numerous events are also held by this entertainment site. Some of the most important are the renowned Cybertron and Triton Festival, each of which allows to gather and demonstrate the talent of each and every one of its participants. All such celebrations are held in New York City, with the exception of the Dark Side of the Con convention, held in New Jersey.

Meet the User Blogs: Joining the web registry has never been easier.

The rapid commercial rise of Vampire Freacks has been conditioned by its serving as an excellent alternative to traditional Facebook. The way in which it is possible to meet and get in touch with other types of users is in a totally unique and accessible way. You will need to register on their platform and create your own personalized profile.

Once inside you will receive different types of requests from new users, some of them from far away countries, mainly from Europe and the United States. Despite this, the universal motto. Each profile can be rated on a scale of 1 to 10, something that few other curious social networks can do without. As you find friends, the chances of finding a partner become less and less remote.

On Line stores: All the products that the gothic and industrial culture has to offer.

In its early stages Vampire Freaks had a dark, punk, metal and alternative clothing store in New York City. The company closed its operations in 2011, after deciding to move its products to the web. From that moment on, all her designs and creations are available for sale through her main website.

There are also countless design contests that this site sponsors and in which everyone can participate. Some of them range from the elaboration of clothes, hairstyles, aesthetic and fashion tutorials. The essential thing is that you will never stop getting in touch with this world.

Final Notes: The importance of social networks for the future of dark culture.

While today the gothic subculture composes an idealism commonly associated with youth and adolescent audiences, in its early days it was not necessarily so associated. In England in the late 1970s, a considerable number of people supported the movement because it was considered synonymous with repression.

One of the greatest exponents of the gothic culture has been Peter Murphy, vocalist of the Bauhaus Band, in charge of its expansion and consolidation during the last 50 years. For the ensuing decades, curious social networks will serve to give the subculture a big boost based on the breadth of its social consideration.

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