Sony would increase PS5 prices

Among the latest technological innovations, Sony stands out with the increase in the price of the PlayStation 5 (PS5). The Tokyo-based company, manufacturer of consoles, among other products, reported that the price of the PS5 will go up in some countries. The North American market will not suffer any change in the values of these video game consoles. Meanwhile, countries such as Australia, Mexico, Canada, Japan and China will see a jump of around 50 euros in the value of the product in the short term.

The rise in the market value of the PS5 has been explained in a statement. In it, Sony points to measures of high inflation, as well as “adverse exchange rate trends”. The console, which launched in November 2020, has had many global supply chain complications. This made it difficult to obtain in some countries and, as a result, the value also soared.

During the current year, all indications were that the company was meeting global demand. However, this change in product value is a clear sign that delays are still rife in the technology industry. Following the announcement made by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo also reported the increase of their Xbox and Switch consoles.

Effects of the pandemic on Sony

The situation being experienced with the PlayStation 5 is another example of what the Covid-19 pandemic has generated in the short and medium term. In any case, there is still the possibility to opt for the digital version of the console at a lower price. For those who can spend a little more, we are talking about a hundred euros extra, there is the version with disk drive.

Of course, it’s not all bad news in the world of technology. In the last few hours it has become known that Apple is working on MacBooks that can be repairable. In addition to this, Meta announced the arrival of its new VR headset and, finally, everything indicates that Twitter has begun to take an interest in the world of podcasts.

Compilation of information

Apple’s product announcement event will take place on September 7. There, from the headquarters in Cupertino, it is expected that many rumors of recent months regarding devices that would be improving the firm will be made official. In addition to the news on its new iPhones, many new developments are expected around Mac notebooks. In this regard, it is hoped that criticism of the M11 MacBooks can be improved due to the limited scope of the company’s automatic repair program.

For its part, Meta expects its next virtual reality (VR) viewer to be on the market in October. Among the leaks it was mentioned that this device would carry the name “Quest Pro”, being a premium and highly expensive headset. However, the official specifications of these VRs, which promise great improvements over previous products, are still unknown.

Finally, after overcoming the drama that meant for the social network the “mess” with Elon Musk, Twitter will seek to relaunch itself to the market. Now, the birdie app hopes to target more podcasting work. To this end, a new audio-based Spaces feature has been added. At the moment the function is in test mode for a few users, but it is expected to be expanded soon to the entire social network.