Turbulence Cancelling will put an end to turbulence in airplanes

Turbulence Cancelling, permite eliminar las turbulencias

Do you know Turbulence Cancelling? This is the product that is being investigated for implantation in airplanes. This will result in much smoother and more efficient flights.

The objective of using this product is to increase the safety of the workers on the aircraft and also to make travel happier for everyone on the aircraft. This new device promises to eliminate turbulence by using intelligent algorithms that control the aircraft’s ailerons.

What does Turbulence Cancelling do?

Turbulence Cancelling has been created by the science department of the Technical University of Munich, in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute. Its operation is simple: before turbulence affects the aircraft, the system detects what could happen to the aircraft and stabilizes it.

In addition to these two organizations, Turbulence Cancelling has also collaborated with Turbulence Solutions, a German company. In the first tests of the system everything went perfectly. The product was able to eliminate 80% of the most unpleasant movements for passengers.

How this technology was built

Dr. Markus Kloker, one of the specialists who collaborated in the manufacture of Turbulence Cancelling, said that for its development they looked at the wings of birds and how they flew in adverse weather without being affected.

Studying their movements and reactions prompted the researchers to look at how they could apply this to modern aviation systems. Turbulence Cancelling has smart sensors, similar to LiDAR laser sensors, and when they detect some kind of unusual and violent movement, the aircraft stabilizes in milliseconds.

Why build a system to eliminate turbulence?

The motivation for creating Turbulence Cancelling is not only to create a much more comfortable flight for passengers, helping those with a fear of flying to reduce their phobias, for example.

The Turbulence Cancelling system is able to produce a much more efficient energy consumption, which contributes to a much more responsible and ethical operation, because the aircraft would be more sustainable.

Thanks to Turbulence Cancelling sensors, aircraft avoid unexpected maneuvers and altitude changes, which cause them to use more fuel. All aircraft have on their control surfaces devices called actuators, which are the ones that receive the signals from the sensors. This automatically activates the wing control, which prevents the aircraft from wobbling.

We will still have to wait

For now, Turbulence Cancelling will only be tested on light aircraft. There is still a lot of testing to be done before it is considered safe for implementation on commercial and tourist aircraft. The manufacturer will have to further study the operation of large aircraft and consider the conditions and requests of the airlines.

Thus, it will still be some time before we know if the device will finally reach the tourist airlines. It will be a great relief for all those people who hate flying because of safety issues and for those who are afraid of having accidents on airplanes.

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