Microsoft Teams introduces new premium features

Some of the features of Microsoft Teams will be carried over to the premium version to be introduced next February. The technology company will place functionality on its paywall as part of new features in 2023. Microsoft Teams Premium, since last month, has been available to try for 30 days. Exclusive access to different functionalities will soon be available in the paid version. Highlights include live translated subtitles, customized scenes in “Together” mode and virtual dating options.

This Premium Edition, which was more expensive in relation to the features offered at the time, was gradually unveiled. The Register website revealed that Microsoft had changed the licensing guide update last month. The Redmond, Washington state-based company admitted that “some Teams features will move from Teams licensing to [una] Teams Premium licensing.” This will happen once the Premium Edition is fully launched in February. Microsoft is expected to keep the features within the regular Microsoft Teams offering for 30 days until the Premium version is eventually released.

Microsoft Teams features

Some of the new options that the Teams Premium system will have have have been raised previously. However, it has a wide variety of alternatives, which are detailed below:

  • Live translated subtitles
  • Timeline markers in Teams meeting recordings, this will be used to know when a user leaves or joins a meeting
  • Customized organization Together mode scenes
  • Virtual appointments: SMS (Short Message Service) notifications
  • Virtual appointments: organization analysis, for use in the Teams administration center
  • Virtual appointments: scheduled queue view

Licenses and their inclusions

Microsoft, in its licensing update, explained to users that “After the 30-day grace period, users will lose access to the features previously available in Teams without the Teams Premium add-on, unless the administrator purchases and allocates Teams Premium licenses for their users.”

Microsoft Teams Premium includes intelligent features powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this regard, live translations, customized meeting branding and advanced meeting protections are available. The add-on will include an option for companies to secure confidential content with watermarks and labels. This will be used in meetings or to restrict users from recording meetings or copying text in the meeting chat.

Microsoft has launched a 30-day trial for those who signed up for Teams Premium last month. In addition, the add-on is planned to be available to all users in early February. Microsoft Teams Premium is expected to be priced at $10, per user per month. Microsoft has said it will reveal full pricing once Premium is available next month.

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