Meta Verified arrived to Instagram and Facebook: what does it consist of?

The Meta Verified feature has arrived on Instagram and Facebook. The tool that has caused a stir on Twitter has landed on the popular social network for those who want to get blue verification on their profile.

Meta Verified not only includes the famous blue check mark but will also offer subscribers priority customer care and phishing protection. Subscribing to Meta Verified also ensures greater visibility and reach by unlocking new features.

Facebook, another of Meta’s social networks, has also incorporated the possibility of subscribing to obtain the blue check mark. While both are from Meta, Instagram and Facebook subscriptions are separate. Those who want to have their account verified in both social networks must pay the subscription separately.


What is the cost of Meta Verified and what are the advantages of obtaining it?


Subscribing to Facebook and Instagram will cost €16.99 per month each in the mobile subscription. In the case of subscriptions for web versions, the fee will be 13.99 euros per month. A tariff that will undoubtedly be talked about, since it is double the cost of the Twitter verification of only 9.68 euros per month.

Meta Verified was first launched in New Zealand and Australia. In the last few days it has gradually landed in Europe and Latin America, so it will surely be available worldwide in a short period of time.

What this subscription offers is more than just the blue check mark for account verification. The most interesting advantage that subscribers will have is the possibility of accessing customer service through real people and not bots. This will make it possible to more effectively resolve hacking or phishing issues, something that is often difficult to solve at present. The more personalized account support works for any type of inquiry subscribers may have.

Interesting tools such as stickers for Stories and Reels on Instagram exclusives can also be accessed. Facebook will also offer 100 stars per month to be awarded to content creators in the form of a tip. It will work similarly to Twitch, as Meta will pay 0.01 USD for each star.

Account protection is another feature provided by Meta Verified. The subscriber’s account will be monitored to avoid any identity theft. In addition to this, users can also protect their account with two-factor authentication.


What will happen to Meta accounts that already have verification?


The possibility of paying by subscription and by blue tick raised questions as to what will happen to the accounts that were verified with the previous method. It should be remembered that, for example, in the case of Twitter, verified accounts lost their status as such. However, as Zuckerberg stated, those accounts that already have their verification will not have any kind of change with the arrival of Meta Verified.

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