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Bluesky, Jack Dorsey’s new social network

Do you know the Bluesky social network? Jack Dorsey was one of the first creators and managers of the social network Twitter until Elon Musk bought the brand and transformed it into X. After the acquisition, Dorsey announced that he was going to create Bluesky Social, a microblogging application similar in operation to Twitter.

Bluesky originally began development back in 2019, when Dorsey was still part of the team and was to emerge as an add-on to the official Twitter network. After changing plans, Dorsey continued to develop it alone. It was possible to “repostear”, follow people or companies and share news or information through short texts or images.

Discover Bluesky’s special features

Bluesky ‘s social network is characterized by the fact that not everyone will be able to enter freely. You will need an invitation to be part of their virtual world.

In addition to this, it offers portability of the data of the people who register by not taking their personal information as something to be appropriated for your benefit. Initially, it will also offer accountability in dealing with its own algorithms as well as a healthy service offering so as not to engage in ungrateful competition towards other similar companies.

Bluesky has also created an efficient network that promises good performance to the liking of social network consumers, facilitating fast loading of content. Thus, it could be said that they work with a type of open source code that facilitates greater transparency towards what is done and how it is developed.

What are the differences between Bluesky and Twitter/X?

One of the differences that Bluesky will have compared to Twitter/X is that it will not be possible to send direct messages and there will be a tab called “What’s New” in which interesting information will appear for the user.

You will also be pleased to know that it will still not be possible to upload videos or mini-clips and that the popular hashtags will not be integrated to their publications. The publications of the people you follow will appear chronologically, creating a real personal history of the accounts you most admire.

Bluesky usage curiosities

The BlueSky social network will be available to start using on iOS, Android or its web version. Once users start registering their invitations, they will be able to create their profile names which will be represented as “”. Posts will have their own reactions: it will be possible to comment, like or share them.

It is known that for the moment only the iOS version will be available officially, adding to a waiting list for entry if you do not have the welcome code.
The appearance of the app manages to be quite light and visual, thanks to the quality of the images that is quite good. It is known that for the moment, the app will be free and will occupy a space of 28.6 MB, so it will be compatible with mobiles with iOS 12.4 operating system or higher.

Only time will tell if Bluesky will achieve the same success as the other social networks, so we’ll have to wait and see.