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Lexus advances its technological quest by becoming an icon of electric luxury cars

Lexus avanza en su búsqueda tecnológica volviéndose un icono de de los coches de lujo eléctricos

Lexus is betting on entering the electric luxury car sector. Thanks to Arene’s operating system, it will be possible to offer intelligent connections between the users of its products and the vehicles. This will provide a much more personalized service tailored to the tastes of each client.

Lexus wants to position itself as the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles.

The Lexus brand was present at the annual Kenshiki Forum. Held in Brussels, it was the perfect setting for Lexus to give more details about its business plans. They want to manufacture a new generation of electric cars by applying modern designs and smart technologies. With these objectives, they intend to mark a before and after in the world of sustainable cars and mobility.

They want to reinvent the driving experience

Lexus Europe and Value Chain company vice president Pascual Ruch stated that Lexus has remained a pioneer in luxury vehicle manufacturing since 1989. In his opinion, they have a lot to offer, bringing “new value” to all their customers.

The brand’s desires are to explore the creation of more novelties and improvements in the world of premium automotive. They have thought about designing the modular structure of their vehicles and creating new batteries. With this they intend to improve the performance of their BEV models by reinventing the driving experience. Thanks to the modifications they have made, they will be able to customize their cars to the maximum, creating a new definition of luxury in which each customer will be able to choose what they want.

What will change in Lexus cars?

Lexus will take advantage of this to create a new generation of electric cars. These will be much smaller and lighter. This will be due to the fact that they will choose much lighter materials, offering, at the same time, a more versatile design.

New vehicles will provide a new experience for users. They will be able to feel safer and more secure thanks to the connection they will be able to feel between the means of transport and themselves.

Lexus prototypes are much more sustainable

These changes have been seen in the Lexus LF-ZC and LF-ZL prototypes. In them you can see cars with character where the company has been able to get the most out of them.

The Lexus LF-ZC has enjoyed the approval of the members attending the Kenshiki forum, thanks to the implementation of its emission-free catalytic converter. These models have been presented as the previews of the new sedan of the Lexus brand. A vehicle that is scheduled to begin to be marketed in 2026.

The prototypes have been highlighted for their innovative design, proportions, spacious interior and highly functional design. Materials such as bamboo have been used inside the vehicle. An idea that arose to pay homage to Japanese culture and that represents sustainable and ecological.

A step into the future: Lexus cars to offer more customization options thanks to AI

Lexus ‘ Arene operating system will also promise breakthroughs in the industry. It will operate with the help of AI and offer entertainment options and enhanced connectivity. It will recognize the voice of its drivers, be able to obey instructions, provide suggestions and activate the usual routines of its users by memorizing their steps.