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Is wine your passion? Use Vivino, a social network to learn more about it

Wine is a very traditional beverage worldwide, not only used as a liquor, but also has culinary uses, applications in medicine and even in religious rites. It is for this reason that today we want to introduce you to Vivino, an application that also functions as a social network to exchange ideas and knowledge about it. So, whether you are an expert or you are just beginning to take your first steps in the vast world of this grape-based beverage, this social network is ideal for you.

Become an expert and learn about wine with Vivino

Vivino is an online community founded a few years ago, which focuses on the sale and recommendation of wines. The most interesting thing is that it has an extensive catalog with more than three million wines available in which users can evaluate, buy and recommend the wines they have tasted.

This mobile application provides a much more complete experience, as it has a recognition system with which bottle labels can be scanned. But, if you are in a restaurant you can also take a photo of the menu so that the app can suggest the ideal wine for each occasion.

But as we have already mentioned, Vivino is a social network, that is, it is not limited only to identifying bottles. Therefore, you can also connect with users all with the same interest: wine, so in this community you can find comments on the best and worst wines that others have tasted and recommendations, plus you can level up by tasting and rating wines and much more.

This application also has a Pro version which you can access by paying through the application. It has additional functions, for example, you can manage your own wine cellar and you have the possibility to make manual matches, something that is highly valued by expert users who use the app.

If you are interested in using Vivino, you can download it through Google Play, iOS and Windows Phone. But if you want to be sure that this application is definitely for you, you can first try the service before installing it through its website.

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