Do you love to sing? Red Karaoke, the social network for song lovers

Red karaoke is the ideal social network for you, if you are one of those who love to sing songs at the top of your lungs. Get ready to learn all about this great idea with which you will only need your usual browser and a microphone – no need to install additional software. In addition, with Red Karaoke you will be able to sing and make recordings by registering for free.

If you are already curious, you should know that Red karaoke works with Windows, Mac and GNU/Linux. However, it is essential that you have Java (for the “Player” required for listening and recording) and Flash (for audio and video playback) installed.

Well, now that you are ready, you have downloaded it and made the decision to record your first song on the social network for those who love to make interpretations that touch the soul, -or… that maybe won’t touch the soul, but who cares, taking a risk is totally valid-. You will have to give permission for the installation of a “mini library” and Red Karaoke will be able to record sound from your card, mixing the sound of your microphone with the karaoke music.

Red Karaoke: this is what this new social network offers you

How to start? Simple, start experiencing the power of karaoke by searching by title or author. If you find it too difficult a decision, then let Red Karaoke suggest a song of the day or if you prefer, you can sing a random song, record it, listen to it and share it with many users.

However, the most fun of the social network is the Virtua Sing module, with which you can sing and dance on a virtual stage in three dimensions. The social network Red Karaoke allows you to create a space to promote your recordings, share experiences, publish photos and everything you need to make your vocal skills known in the artistic world.

In addition, Red Karaoke has forums and chats in which you can make a whole campaign of expectation and thus announce your recordings or pose challenges and games with other users of the social network. Have you always dreamed of singing for thousands of people? This social network will make it possible and for free!

Did you think that was all? Well no, the new social network gives you the option of accessing a virtual store where you can purchase thousands of instrumental tracks, but you will have to pay for this option, although the prices are actually very cheap. In the end, the following will most likely happen to you: You’ll want to become a VIP member, something that will truly give you more options and leave you in awe.

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