Want to know if your passwords have been hacked? This Google service is for you

It is now a common occurrence for hackers to go on the rampage from time to time. The Marriot hotel chain, the technology giant Yahoo or the airline British Airways, are just some of the large companies that have not escaped the malicious power of those who take advantage of their security breaches and capture thousands of passwords, thus massively leaking their users’ data.

Unfortunately, we have a latent threat that we have not been able to eradicate completely, because, as if that were not enough, choosing passwords such as “12345678”, “123123” or “abc123”, the most used by Internet users. It definitely leaves the way open to those who want to access accounts fraudulently.

Are you one of those who have insecure passwords? Pay close attention to what you have to do

If you already realized that your data is at risk because of those obvious passwords you have in all your applications, and of course you want to know if they have been compromised at any time. All you have to do is install an extension to Chrome, Google’s browser.

Password Checkup is the official Google service that tells you if your password has ever been leaked on the Internet. And, therefore, you will know if you are more vulnerable to having sensitive data and passwords stolen.

You should know that, to install this service you need Chrome version 67 or higher. But once you install it, you will realize that this is a very easy to use extension. Because when you browse the Internet and log in to any service, what Google will do is inform you if your username and passwords appear in a data security breach that the company has.

In simpler words, the browser compares the entry with a list of passwords that have been hacked. Therefore, if you try to enter one that is on this list, the service will alert you immediately.

Besides, this extension has something very positive: it works in the background. So only in case it detects that you are at risk, it will send you an alert notification.

In a statement, Google representatives commented:

“If you use the same username and password on other accounts, change the password on those accounts as well.”

Laziness and convenience turn out to be the reasons why users do not constantly change their passwords. So, this Google service is great to be always on the lookout for our data, however, experts say that it is still best to change them regularly.

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