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IBM creates Northpole, an artificial intelligence chip inspired by human brain

IBM crea un chip eficiente con inteligencia artificial inspirado en el cerebro humano

The artificial intelligence chip labeled NorthPole is one of the most efficient at processing all types of information. It is able to perform all types of mathematical operations. And it also allows for a great deal of massive improvements in terms of energy, space and time efficiency application.

Artificial intelligence opens doors to scientific research

Artificial intelligence has constantly evolved to the point of developing consultation and help tools such as ChatGPT. Something that has become extremely popular in recent months. Google and Microsoft are also helping in a very significant way in the development of all these utilities. As a result, they are generating a great deal of interest in artificial intelligence from the entire world population.

In order to further research on the subject, the European Union has created its first regulation. It has been proposed to classify artificial intelligence according to different levels of performance. Different restrictions would apply to the use of each of them. This type of rules will allow a better use of it. They would protect the population from various scams, personal safety violations and deprivation of rights.

Businesses are integrating artificial intelligence with a vengeance

Artificial intelligence is now a reality, and companies are aggressively pursuing it. Its objective would be to be able to implement in them all the necessary tools to streamline production processes. IBM has taken notice of this market demand by generating a new chip that promises to be one of the most powerful chips available today.

What is the NorthPole chip like?

NorthPole has a 12 nm process, with 256 cores. It is capable of performing 2,048 operations per core per cycle, having a precision of 8 bits. It has the potential to double or quadruple the number of 4-bit and 2-bit operations. IBM defined it as one of the most powerful chips, describing it as a tool that outperforms all existing ones, such as GPUs implemented using a 4 nm process.

The NorthPole chip has already been tested in various areas such as computer vision, image detection and segmentation, and video classification. It is expected to be able to process natural language and also to recognize speech.

In the future, it is expected that it can be used to move autonomous vehicles from machines operating on a smaller scale, making it an indispensable tool for use in the factory environment. It is also expected to help in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

In addition, the entire IBM team, especially Arvind Krishna, president of the brand, has clarified that artificial intelligence will not replace jobs, but will enable workers to perform better, complementing their tasks, something that could be understood as an auxiliary aid. From now on we will see how IBM will develop its research programs in it to the maximum. They have started with WatsonX and NorthPole as two of their major projects. We’ll see how things progress!